Surface Finishing

Blackened Steel

Blackened Stainless Steel

Corten Steel




Powder Coating




Choosing the right metal finishes for your projects is a creative part of the process.

The metal finishes available from Drabektechnologies are:

Brass – a greenish gold that can be shiny and gleaming or moody and deep. It can be textured, black waxed and patinated and aged. It looks wonderful with a pearlescent patina.

Bronze – an evocative brown metal that can also be shined, textured and waxed. Graphite can be polished into the surface to create a striking ebony look.

Copper – ruddy and red, copper is the brightest and cheekiest of the Metalier Metal Finishes although it too can be dulled and made to behave with black wax.

Iron – it’s the only one of our metal finishes that will not shine up to a high polish. Medium polish is the best it can do. Iron with graphite and black wax produces a rolled steel look.